Vy Ngo is a first generation American born Vietnamese artist, who draws most of her influence from the study of other cultures, identities and various human experiences. Having grown up in a small town in Pennsylvania, she naturally wanted to surround herself with diversity which led her to live in larger cities like Philadelphia, New York City, and now Austin, Texas.

This yearning to connect with all walks of life helped guide her journey to self-awareness and developing her creative process. As a medical professional, she has witnessed first-hand the humbling moments of pain, suffering, and pure love that can be felt in her work.  Fascinated by faces, the stories they tell, the lives they have lived and the emotions felt in the eyes and expressions, she believes there is nothing more human or raw than painting a portrait.

Vy is also drawn to the creative journey of abstract painting as a means of eliciting memories, intangible ideas, and reflections of subconscious anecdotes.  With layers upon layers of color, movement, and markings, her process is a journey of intrigue and discovery, resulting in her paintings becoming poetic, modern, and dynamic.  Exploring these two styles of painting gives her the opportunity to continue to grow as an artist, a foundation to further explore other forms of artistic expression, and ultimately to identify herself as a creative anthropologist. 


Upcoming/Current shows


February        Recspec Gallery - "18+" group show (Austin, TX)


Past shows


Feb-Dec         People's Gallery, Austin City Hall - 2017 group show                                           (Austin, TX)

February         Meraki Gallery - "Space #1" group show (Austin, TX)

February         Mexic-Arte Museum - "Mix 'n' Mash" group show (Austin, TX)

March             Zilker Brewery - SXSW group show (Austin, TX)

April-June       Asian American Resource Center - "Strangers from Home" 

                        Solo show (Austin, TX)

September     Print Press Gallery - "PRISM" group show (Austin, TX)

September     Pearl Studio - Starry Night Art Auction (San Antonio, TX)

October          Big Medium - "Build Hope, Not Walls" group show (Austin, TX)

November      Soma Vida Gallery - EAST Austin Studio Tour (Austin, TX)



September      Pearl Studio - Starry Night Art Auction (San Antonio, TX)

October           Art on 5th - Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, semi-finalist                                 (Austin, TX)

November       Cement Loop - EAST Austin Studio Tour (Austin, TX)